Staff training

With the increased use of technology at home and in the office, it’s important that your staff are comfortable working with computerised systems and understand the policies that outline their duties, responsibilities and use of corporate systems.

Even the smallest of businesses needs to have simple guidance available on internet use, email communication, data security and who to talk with if something goes wrong.

  • Information security: look at the kind of information that is stored on the company network, who has access to it and what would happen if they were able to take it out of the building.
  • Does everyone need full access to the customer database or accounts? If no then make it clear who can access and what they can do with confidential or business-critical data.
  • Avoid employment complaints over disciplinary procedures by educating the workforce about internet usage.

NetSafe cybersafety toolkit for SMEs

The Whatsit ( provides business owners with simple tools to:

  • help write ICT policies and use agreements for the workplace – building a cybersafety culture for your company
  • give staff access to free and comprehensive education resources in short, fun videos

Visit the Whatsit today and register for free to set up your company training room online.

You can also explore our training resources to educate your employees about the 4 simple steps that will help them improve their computer security at home and in the workplace:

  1. Update everything
  2. Backup your files
  3. Secure your wireless network
  4. Use strong passwords