Security and acceptable use policies

There are around 350,000 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – those with less than 5, 49 and 100 staff respectively – that make up more than 99% of all businesses in New Zealand*.

It’s this reliance on nimble organisations that makes Kiwis so resourceful and keen to tackle any challenge and invent products and services that will do well in the global market.

But many SMEs struggle with the ever changing pace of technology, for example:

  • creating an ecommerce website to sell products securely online
  • managing staff who use their own laptops and smartphones over the corporate network
  • improving time management when employees want to be bidding on auctions and updating their Facebook friends

The Whatsit is the answer!

NetSafe has created a website to help small business bosses take control of their technology.

The Whatsit ( provides business owners with simple tools to:

  • help write ICT policies and use agreements for the workplace – building a cybersafety culture for your company
  • give staff access to free and comprehensive education resources in short, fun videos

Visit the Whatsit today and register for free to set up your company training room online.

*Massey University, New Zealand Centre for SME research (