Getting rid of old technology

Technology can date quite quickly these days and you may find there comes a time when you want to sell, recycle or dispose of an old computer or mobile phone.

Make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to delete off your personal information so that old computer can’t be used as a potential source of information to steal your identity or go through confidential personal or business data.

Backup or copy off all the important data and then wipe the hard disk using a suitable piece of software – just deleting files and emptying the bin will not erase your data securely

If you auction off old hardware without permanently deleting the hard disk you could find the buyer has access to your data. A popular tool for wiping hard discs is Darik’s Boot and Nuke.

Recycling old computers

There are many organisations across the country that welcome donations of old computers and recycle or upcycle them for use by others both in New Zealand and abroad.

Consider contacting a local supplier or the eDay Trust before destroying your old technology or look for a local e-waste specialist. Your local council may also be able to advise you of local businesses to save dumping.