Dealing with ransomware

Ransomware advice:

Police, NetSafe and Consumer Affairs have recently received reports from home internet users of their computer being locked out and a warning screen appearing which suggests the New Zealand Police requires a fine to be paid for copyright infringements or for downloading pornography.

This new form of computer Trojan is designed to scam you into paying the ransom money so your computer is unlocked – New Zealand Police has nothing to do with this malware and you should not pay the ‘fine’.

How are users affected?


A screenshot shows an example ransomware lockout featuring the NZ Police logo

Ransomware is a type of malicious software, or malware, that locks a computer and shows a warning demanding the user pay fine to unlock their computer.

The scam angle is the use of the New Zealand Police logo which is designed to scare you into paying the fine to get your computer working again

How can I defend against this ransomware?

What do I do if my computer is infected?

  • Do NOT pay the ransom
    Some people affected have paid to have their computer unlocked – NetSafe would encourage you to not to follow this path
  • If you can, report the computer system attack
    Make a report to NetSafe’s ORB website so we can track the scale of ransomware  infection
  • If you are not that technical seek expert help
    The process of cleaning up a ransomware infection can be complex so consider calling a local computer technichian or family member for help
  • If you are confident, try cleaning the ransomware
    We have links below offering advice on removing ransomware
  • Be prepared to wipe systems and restore from backups
    It may not be possible to clean your computer so you may need to do a system restore or fresh install.

More help and advice: