Cyber Security in 5 minutes

Security-Central-Tight-5-Banner-300x250pxNetSafe respond to hundreds of calls, emails and Orb reports every month.

We hear from people all over New Zealand who have had their email and social networking accounts hacked, their computers infected with malware or have lost important business records with no way to recover lost data.

If you only have 5 minutes to read up on computer security, start here:

Think before you click

Think twice before clicking on links in suspicious phishing emails, don’t give out personal information and avoid rogue online shopping sites.

Update everything

Make sure your operating system and all software is up to date including common helper programs such as Java, Adobe Reader and Flash.

Back up your files

Make several copies of important data and store it in several locations – including online ‘in the cloud’ – so you’re prepared should the worst to happen to your computer.

Use a secure wireless network

Choose a strong encryption setting and long passphrase for your router to avoid eavesdropping, hacking and freeloaders using your bandwidth.

Use strong passwords

Aim for 15 characters and a mix of lower and upper case letters and symbols. Don’t share them and change them regularly.