About Security Central

Giving you the information and tools to protect yourself online

The Security Central website is designed to be a one stop shop for individuals and small businesses in New Zealand looking for free and simple to follow computer security advice from NetSafe.

Increasing awareness and online security

With many small businesses in New Zealand having fewer than 5 staff, much of the advice on this website applies to both groups.

Explore the resources for Home Internet Users and you will find our 5 key messages for 2013 are: be aware of phishing and social engineering attacks, update operating systems and software; make regular backups, use strong passwords and use secure wireless both at home and when out and about.

For Small Businesses we have also covered staff training, acceptable use policies, selling online and the physical security of your workplace.

The Computer Security Tight Five

Cyber security is a term that may be off-putting to many people who have grown to use computers, not grown up with them.

The Security Central website has simple guides to follow that can improve your home or business security – spend five minutes reviewing the basics and put them into action.

With cybercrime estimated to affect more than 2000 adult New Zealanders each day, it’s up to you to protect yourself, your family and employees and help reduce the impact that computer viruses and malware, credit card fraud, online scams, phishing and identity theft have on the country.